Jollof fish

My latest seafood dish jollof hake fish was so good. It was tender and succulent. It melted in my mouth while I ate it. It was  nicely spiced.


You’ve got to try this!

It was cooked in jollof sauce and later baked in the oven. Jollof sauce is a rich flavoured tomato sauce that gives a distinct taste. It is a mixture of tomatoes, paprika peppers, onions and west African influenced spices all at the right quantities to give a rich sauce. I am planning to employ the same technique in the cooking of other dishes. This reminds me of the monkfish I cooked during my recent luliu adventure up North and the side dish of jollof rice. This is food at its best.

Jollof rice as a side dish

Jollof rice is a dish that everyone should taste at least once in their lifetime.

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