This has been my dream for a long time. Being able to cook and share my recipes with people around me.

My love for cooking started from a young age. My mum loved cooking and this was evident throughout our early years. Home cooked food at its best. We made jams, marmalade and baked on a regular basis. My mum was ready to try any recipe and any ingredient. This led to me developing a great taste for food and good food at that.

Prior to moving back to the UK for my university education I was priviledged to help my mum run her restaurant. This was when I further developed my independence in cooking as I had a chance to experiment and ensure all food cooked was fresh and cooked to order. I mastered my fried rice recipe among other interesting recipes. A self trained chef.

Moving to the UK, I experimented with different ingredients and recipes. I was able to look at a recipe and modify it to get amazing and yummy dishes. I enjoyed and still love watching cooking channels and trying out the different recipes with my own twist on them. I have followed different chefs Jamie Oliver, Nigella lawson, Lorraine Pascale among others. These have been a great motivation to me on my culinary journey.

I have grown to love using spices in different ways and I am pleased with most of the dishes made within my culinary world.

This year I would be cooking a different recipe everyday. This would be Monday through to Friday.  I started this journey on the 1st of January and so far it has been wonderful. You can view pictures of the recipes so far on #luliucuisine.

I would have the weekend to come up with the recipes for the week and the focus is on healthy eating including vegetables and fruits such as my mozzaperot filling.

Being a GP, weight loss and an healthy lifestyle is of great importance to me and I believe that small portions and eating a balanced diet with moderate exercise is key to achieving the right body mass index which in turn leads to better health. Small portions and healthy eating would be emphasised throughout my blog. So if you are on the journey of healthy eating this is the blog for you to follow.

There would be recipes on the blog as the year unfolds so stay connected by checking out the daily pictures on #luliucuisine and also on facebook at lu-liu. This is such an awesome opportunity and I am enjoying every minute of it so far.