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Today, I woke up grateful for another day in the New year. ┬áLast year I developed a routine of using a diary which helped with remembering significant dates and events. I would love to continue this practice this year as it eased everyday life and activities. I did not disappoint as I never double booked a date on the calender. There could be chaos when there is lack of planning. ┬áKeeping a diary helps prevent chaos. It could be a diary for handwritten information or an electronic device. Whatever method is used it aims to bring a level of calmness to one’s everyday life.

Today I wrote out the recipes for luliucuisine as I usually cook trying out different combination of foods and spices. The recipe therefore changes as I cook, however I usually have a time of reflection after cooking. This time is precious as I go through the steps of cooking and write down the recipes. The spontaneity in my cooking has made it possible for me to enjoy a wonderful culinary adventure.

My notepad that I use for my recipes has a slogan on the front that says “Be your own kind of beautiful”.

This is about being one’s self and not conforming to external influences. It requires a deep understanding of one’s abilities and characteristics. This understanding in turn has an effect on people around us.

I have decided this year to have a deeper understanding of myself therefore “Being my own kind of beautiful”.

Have a goal this year to plan using whatever tool you prefer to keep a record of your day to day activities. Be your own kind of beautiful and enjoy the peace that comes with being happy with yourself. Reflect each day and learn from your day to day experiences. I hope that this would be a motivation for anyone who has been procastinating to take up the challenge of planning by running with it and enjoying it. Planning is important.

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