A meal to cook together in the kitchen with so many elements and so much fun. Try this yummlicious meal ¬†it promises to tantalise your taste buds. Pan fried seasoned mackerel Ingredients 1. 4 mackerel fillet 2. 1 teaspoon medium hot curry powder 3. 1 teaspoon parsley 4. A dash […]

Pan fried seasoned mackerel with zobo rice and spinach/kale sauce

  It is getting sunny and yay it is BBQ season. Some tips: 1. Pre cook your meat to ensure it cooks evenly and also stays on the BBQ for less time. 2. Pre cooking meat also ensures the meat is well seasoned. 3. Salads are easy to make and […]

BBQ season

Chinese fried rice   Preparation Time:20 minutes Cook Time:40-50 minutes   INGREDIENTS: serves 2-3 people easy cook basmati rice 3 cups peas frozen 1 cup 2-3 spring onions, chopped 2-3 eggs a teaspoon of curry powder king prawns ūü槬†optional ¬†about 10-15pieces a teaspoon of cameroon pepper olive oil ¬†3 tablespoons […]

My latest seafood dish jollof hake fish was so good. It was tender and succulent. It melted in my mouth while I ate it. It was ¬†nicely spiced.   It was cooked in jollof sauce and later baked in the oven. Jollof sauce is a rich flavoured tomato sauce that […]

Jollof fish

Couscous is from North Africa. It is steamed balls of semolina. It has an Arabic name kuskus derived from the word kaskasa. This staple food in the North Africa is usually eaten with stews cooked in a tagine. The stew is made of vegetables such as carrots, parsnips and potatoes. […]


  Today, I woke up grateful for another day in the New year. ¬†Last year I developed a routine of using a diary which helped with remembering significant dates and events. I would love to continue this practice this year as it eased everyday life and activities. I did not […]

Be your own kind of beautiful

Happy New year, Happy 2017. Such a blessing to have made it to another year. I am excited about the New year. From a young age I loved cooking, having helped my mum with her restaurant in my teens.¬†So growing up and becoming a doctor, cooking has always been therapeutic […]

The year of new beginnings